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Knowsley Children's Social Care Operational Procedures Manual - Contents

December 2018

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  1. All Children
  2. Child Protection
  3. Preventive and Support Services
  4. Specific Circumstances
  5. Services to Children Looked After
  6. Appendices

1. All Children


Introduction, Policy, Values and Principles

1.1.1 What We What to Achieve for Our Children and Families  
1.1.2 Knowsley Corporate Parenting Board - Terms of Reference  
1.1.3 Knowsley Information Sharing Charter  
1.1.4 Knowsley MASH (Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub)
(Knowsley Safeguarding Children Board Procedures)
1.1.5 Emergency Duty Team Practice Guidance  
1.1.6 Young Carers  
1.1.7 Case Summaries Guidance  
1.1.8 Police and Social Care Joint Working Protocol  
1.1.9 Protocol Between Knowsley Youth Offending Service and Knowsley Children's Social Care Updated
1.1.10 Joint Merseyside Protocol for the Provision of Local Authority Accommodation  
1.1.11 Children's Social Care Lone Working Policy  
1.1.12 Children's Safeguarding Services: Team SHIELD - Operational Procedures - under review  



Assessment and Planning

1.2.1 Single Assessment Framework  
1.2.2 Pre-Birth Assessment  
1.2.3 Early Help Process Flowchart  
1.2.4 Knowsley Safeguarding Board Step Up / Step Down Procedure
(Knowsley Safeguarding Children Board Procedures)
1.2.5 Transfer Policy  
1.2.6 Disclosure and Barring Service Check or Direct Police Check  
1.2.7 Practice Standards for Single Assessments and Child in Need Planning  
1.2.8 Knowsley Risk Management Toolkit  
1.2.9 Knowsley SCB Resilience and Vulnerability Tool  



Legal Framework

1.3.1 Protocol Between Independent Reviewing Officer and Children’s Guardians  
1.3.2 Legal Framework for Child Protection  
1.3.3 Pre Proceedings and Public Law Outline (PLO) Procedures and Practice Guidance Updated
1.3.4 Discharge of Care Orders (Accelerated Process)  
1.3.5 Change of Name of a Looked After Child  
1.3.6 Marriage of a Looked After Child  
1.3.7 North West ADCS Notification and Transfer across Local Authority Boundaries Procedures  
1.3.8 Case Records and Retention  
1.3.9 Electronic Recording of Meetings and Conversations New
1.3.10 Access to Records / Subject Access Requests New




1.4.1 Knowsley Joint Children and Adults Services: Social Worker’s Supervision Policy  
1.4.2 Allegations Against Staff, Carers and Volunteers
(Knowsley Safeguarding Children Board Procedures)
1.4.3 Whistleblowing  

2. Child Protection

See Knowsley Safeguarding Children Board Procedures.

2.1 Practice Standards  
2.2 Strategy Discussion/ Meeting Protocol  
2.3 Child Protection Review Process  
2.4 Cancellation of Conferences and CLA Reviews  
2.5 Policy for Children’s Participation in the Child Protection Conference Process  
2.6 Knowsley Safeguarding Children Board: Children Who Run Away or Go Missing From Home or Care Strategy
(Knowsley Safeguarding Children Board Procedures)
2.7 Child Protection Conference Chairs Challenge Process  
2.8 North West ADCS Notification and Transfer across Local Authority Boundaries Procedures  
2.9 Domestic Violence and Abuse
(Knowsley Safeguarding Children Board Procedures)
2.10 Safeguarding Children and Young People Affected by Gun and Gang Activity and Associated Serious Youth Violence  
2.11 Knowsley Safeguarding Children Board: Child Sexual Exploitation - A Framework for Professionals Working with Children who Experience, or at Risk of, Sexual Exploitation
(Knowsley Safeguarding Children Board Procedures)
2.12 Knowsley Neglect Strategy and Action Plan (2015-17)
(Knowsley Safeguarding Children Board Procedures)

3. Preventive and Support Services

3.1 Child in Need Planning and Review  
3.2 Children In Need moving across Local Authority Boundaries  
3.3 Children with Disabilities Referral Assessment and Planning  
3.4 Short Breaks  
3.5 Fullerton Eligibility Criteria  
3.6 Knowsley Complex Needs and Resource Panel  
3.7 Direct Payments Policy New
3.8 North West ADCS Notification and Transfer across Local Authority Boundaries Procedures  



Young Persons Housing and Homeless Prevention

3.9.1 Young Persons Housing and Homeless Prevention Protocol for 16 and 17 yr olds  

4. Specific Circumstances

4.1 Services to Parents with Disabilities (Substance Misuse, Physical, Learning Disabilities or Domestic Abuse) and their Children  
4.2 Cross Border Child Protection Cases under the Hague Convention  
4.3 Use of Interpreters, Signers or Others with Communication Skills  
4.4 Unaccompanied Migrant Children and Child Victims of Trafficking and Modern Slavery  
4.5 Families with no Recourse to Public Funds  
4.6 Preventing Homelessness: Protocol between Knowsley Housing Trust, Family First and CSC  
4.7 Private Fostering  




4.12.1 Transporting Children  
4.12.2 Travel Assistance Policy (Children’s Social Care Users)  
4.12.3 Travel Support Policy  
4.12.4 Guidance for Taxi/Transport Requests  

5. Services to Children Looked After


Planning for Children Looked After

5.1.1 Sufficiency Needs Assessment for Children  
5.1.2 Decision to Look After and Post Placement Arrangements Updated
5.1.3 Family and Friends Care Policy Updated
5.1.4 Contract Monitoring Process  
5.1.5 Notifications from Other Local Authorities/Placement Providers  
5.1.6 Remands to Local Authority Accommodation or to Youth Detention Accommodation  
5.1.7 Permanency Policy and Care Planning Procedure  
5.1.8 Delegated Authority  
5.1.9 Agreement to Accommodate a Child  
5.1.10 Knowsley Multi-Agency Permanency Panel - Terms of Reference  
5.1.11 Joint Housing Protocol for Care Leavers  
5.1.12 Junior Individual Savings Accounts (JISA) for Looked After Children  




5.2.1 Children Subject to Care Orders Who are Placed at Home Update
5.2.2 Placement with Connected Persons  
5.2.3 Placements in Children's Homes  
5.2.4 Placements in Foster Care  
5.2.5 Placements in Secure Accommodation  
5.2.6 Placements Outside England and Wales  
5.2.7 Placement Plans  
5.2.8 Access to Resources (ART) Placement Process New
5.2.9 Deprivations of Liberty New




5.3.1 Child Looked After Reviews Updated
5.3.2 CLA Review Process  
5.3.3 IRO Dispute Resolution Guidance Notes for Practitioners  
5.3.4 Secure Accommodation (Criteria) Review  
5.3.5 Appointment and Role of Independent Reviewing Officers  
  See also Cancellation of Conferences and CLA Reviews  



Education of Children Looked After

5.4.1 Duty to Promote the Educational Achievement of Looked After Children  
5.4.2 Virtual School Procedure  
5.4.3 When a Child First becomes Looked After  
5.4.4 The Personal Education Plan (PEP)  
5.4.5 Reviewing and Updating the Personal Education Plan (PEP)  
5.4.6 Pupil Premium  
5.4.7 Avoidance of Disruption in Education  
5.4.8 When a Child Needs or Joins a New School  
5.4.9 When a Child has No School / Education Setting  
5.4.10 When a Child is Absent from School  
5.4.11 Concerns about Behaviour and School Exclusions  
5.4.12 Alternative and Independent Education Provision  
5.4.13 Training for those Involved in the Care and Education of Looked After Children  
5.4.14 Celebrating a Child's Achievements  
5.4.15 Information Sharing  
5.4.16 The Role of Designated Teachers and Schools  
5.4.17 Responsibilities of Social Workers Concerning the Promotion of Education  
5.4.18 Responsibilities of Carers Concerning the Promotion of Education  
5.4.19 Knowsley Early Years Service  



Health and Well-being

5.5.1 First Aid and Medication  
5.5.2 Health Care Assessments and Plans  
5.5.3 HIV and AIDS  
5.5.4 Death or Serious Injury of a Looked After Child Updated
5.5.5 Drugs and Substance Misuse  



Family Contacts, Visitors and Friends

5.6.1 Contact with Family and Friends  
5.6.2 Overnight Stays Away from the Placement or Other Staying Contact or Care Arrangements  



Foster Carers

5.7.1 Assessment and Approval of Foster Carers  
5.7.2 Fostering Panel  
5.7.3 Limit on the Number of Children in Foster Homes  
5.7.4 Supervision of Foster Carers  
5.7.5 Knowsley Foster Carer Review Policy  
5.7.6 Allegations Against Foster Carers Updated
5.7.7 Persons Disqualified from Fostering  
5.7.8 CoramBAAF Guidance on Reducing the Risks of Environmental Tobacco Smoke for Looked After Children and their Carers  
5.7.9 Smoking Policy  
5.7.10 References and Checks  
5.7.11 Health and Safety Check for Knowsley Foster Carers  
5.7.12 Placement with Dog-owning Families who Wish to be Approved as Foster Carers  
5.7.13 Foster Carers Holiday Policy  
5.7.14 Foster Carers and Baby Sitting  
5.7.15 Foster Carers Record Keeping and Retention Policy  
5.7.16 Foster Carers who wish to Adopt a Child who they are Currently Fostering  
5.7.17 Fostering for Adoption and Concurrent Planning Placements in Knowsley  
5.7.18 For Safe and Proper Use of Internet and Computers for Children Looked After  
5.7.19 Safer Caring Guidelines for Foster Carers  
5.7.20 Transfer of Foster Carers Protocol  



Adoption and Permanence

5.8.1 Adoption Policy  
5.8.2 Adoption Panel  
5.8.3 Assessment and Approval of Prospective Adopters  
5.8.4 Placement for Adoption  
5.8.5 Adoption Support  
5.8.6 Monitoring and Reviews of Adoptive Placements  
5.8.7 Adoption Reviews  
5.8.8 Disruption of Adoptive Placements  
5.8.9 Allegations Against Prospective Adopters (and Foster Carers) Updated
5.8.10 Non-Agency Adoption  
5.8.11 Adoption Case Files Procedure  
5.8.12 Access to Birth Records and Adoption Case Records  
5.8.13 Intermediary Services  
5.8.14 Smoking Policy for Adopters  
5.8.15 Concurrent Planning: Providing Permanent Placements at the Earliest Opportunity  
5.8.16 Relinquished Children Updated



Leaving Care

5.9.1 Leaving Care Finance Policy  
5.9.2 Staying Put  
5.9.3 Personal Advisers  
5.9.4 Responsibilities of the Local Authority to former Looked After Children and Young People in Custody  
5.9.5 Knowsley Safeguarding Children Board Procedures Manual- Protocol for joint working between Children’s Social Care, YOS, Merseyside Probation Service and CRC – Care Leavers released from custody  
5.9.6 Leaving Care and Transition  
5.9.7 The Local Offer  
5.9.8 Care Leavers Health History  
5.9.10 Standard Operational Procedure for the Provision of Care Leavers Health History  



Behaviour Management

5.10.1 Behaviour Management Plans  
5.10.2 Behaviour Management Policy for Foster Carers  
5.10.3 Consequences  
5.10.4 Physical Intervention: Practice Guidance for Social Workers  




5.11.1 Bullying  
5.11.2 Incidents and Reporting  
5.11.3 Notifiable Incidents Process (Knowsley Safeguarding Children Board)  



Monitoring Quality

5.12.1 Social Worker Visits to Children Looked After  
5.12.2 Advocacy and Independent Visitors  
5.12.3 Regulation 44 Visits  
5.12.4 Service User Feedback  
5.12.5 Quality Assurance and Learning Framework  
5.12.6 Role of the Supervising Social Worker  



Privacy and Personal Care

5.13.1 Personal Care and Relationships  
5.13.2 Intimate and Personal Care Policy Updated
5.13.3 Touch Guidance  
5.13.4 Use of Photography or Videos with Children Looked After  



Youth Justice

5.14.1 Looked After Children and Young People in Contact with Youth Justice Services  



Other Permanence Options

5.15.1 Special Guardianship Policy and Procedures  
5.15.2 Court Reports in Adoption and Special Guardianship  
5.15.3 Child Arrangements Order/Residence Order Allowances  

6. Appendices

6.1 Local Contacts Updated
6.2 Designated Managers  
6.3 Local Keywords  
6.4 Working Together to Safeguard Children  
6.5 Amendments