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1.1.2 End of Service Questionnaire Guidance

This is an area that will be updated in May 2017.


  1. Introduction
  2. Guidance

1. Introduction

The End of Service Questionnaire was implemented in July 2009, initially within the Centralised Duty Team, with a view to distributing the new questionnaires to all service users at the end of Children's Social Care involvement or when case responsibility is transferring from one team to another.

The following guidance is for all social care staff.

2. Guidance

  1. The End of Service Questionnaire is one of a range of mechanisms designed to obtain feedback about services provided and inform future developments and planning;
  2. The responses to the End of Service Questionnaire will be collated centrally by the QAU, and will be reported on, evaluated, analysed and the findings incorporated into the planning process for Children's Services;
  3. There are two types of End of Service Questionnaire, one for adults and one for children. These are clearly marked. It is important to ascertain the views and feelings of both children and their parents/carers in respect of the services provided;
  4. A Questionnaire should be sent to the child and their parent/carer at different stages during their involvement with Children's Social Care. These are:
    • When a specific service has ended;
    • When services are continuing but case responsibility is changing from one team to another within social care;
    • When involvement is closed.
  5. The children's questionnaire should be sent to all children aged 4 years and over. The allocated or visiting worker should ensure that they explain the questionnaire to the child during the assessment or the period of their involvement;
  6. The Questionnaire is confidential, in that the Service User does not have to identify themselves when completing or recording their views and feelings. If the service user wishes to make a formal complaint or a response to their comments, they are able to include their name and address on the form;
  7. A Pre Paid envelope will be sent with each paper questionnaire for easy return;
  8. All staff working with Service Users should inform them about the End of Service Questionnaire prior to ceasing their involvement and encourage them to complete and return the form;
  9. Where English is not the service user's first language, translation of the questionnaire can be arranged. Similarly adapted versions can, if required be made available to take account of specific disabilities or needs. These can be obtained from the Intranet;
  10. All those children's questionnaires returned will be entered into a free prize drawer (where the individual agrees to provide their name);
  11. The questionnaires will be collated by the QAU and evaluated. A report will be produced on a quarterly basis;
  12. The report will be used to impact on the development and completion of Service Planning;
  13. An annual report will be published via the Internet and will be available in paper form, for all those who wish to access the evaluation and analysis of the End of Service Questionnaire, and how the Authority have used these responses to impact on Service Planning;
  14. Additionally, the questionnaire asks for feedback on the format and content of the form, and any suggestions or comments will be considered and used to review and update the End of Service Questionnaire on an ongoing basis.