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4.12.4 Guidance for Taxi/Transport Requests


This chapter was updated in November 2015 to reflect the current structure and to reflect that the use of a taxi must be authorised by the Head of Service. Taxis must only be used in exceptional circumstances. No arrangement for using a taxi can exceed one month before being subject to review by the Head of Service.

In order to monitor the budget allocation in relation to taxi and transport costs, the process has been reviewed and the following authorisation guidance has been agreed. Also attached is a revised CF46, which has been amended to specify taxi/transport payments. 

  • All requests for a taxi or payment for some other form of transport, for example payment to relative/friend for petrol, must be recorded on the attached CF46 pro forma;
  • All requests for financial support towards taxi or transportation costs must include the following information;
    • Name of child(ren);
    • ICS identification number;
    • Dates of Birth;
    • Home Address/Placement Address;
    • Legal Status (where appropriate);
    • Details of proposed journey - from which address and to where, frequency of journey, reason for journey, and what alternative methods have been considered, cost of journey.
  • Requests for taxis must only be made in exceptional circumstances. Consideration needs to be given to alternative sources of transport;
  • All requests for transport need to be approved by the relevant Head of Service;
  • In the absence of the responsible Head of Service, the request can be sent to an alternative Head of Service;
  • All requests to Heads of Service must be submitted via e-mail, with a telephone call to notify of the CF46 being sent;
  • Any requests for Taxis, Transport and Financial support cannot be committed or finalised without the agreement of the Head of Service;
  • Where the manager is available they will sign the CF46 to indicate their agreement. Where the request is submitted by e-mail, a copy of the responding e-mail indicating agreement/authorisation must be attached to the form to evidence a manager's oversight;
  • All Transport/taxi arrangements can be agreed for a maximum of one months at a time with the Head of Service, and must then be reviewed via the submission of a further CF46;
  • A copy of the approved CF46 must be scanned into the child's file.

Click here to view Form CF46 - Request for Financial Resource.