Case Summary Guidance


This chapter was amended in December 2019 to reflect that recording should ensure that the impact of services on children, young people and their families are recorded clearly in the case summary. This section should be updated every three months when the case summary is updated (see Section 3, What should be included in a Case Summary?) and that case summaries should fully put a child's situation in the current context (see Section 2, When Should Case Summaries be Updated?).

1. Purpose of a Case Summary

A case summary should provide the reader of the case record with a short overview about the child, the child's background and Plan and Contingency Plan.

The case summary is especially useful for staff working out of hours on an emergency basis (see Emergency Duty Team Practice Guidance) and in the event you may be off work i.e. annual leave.

2. When should Case Summaries be Updated?

Case Summaries should be updated every 3 months - usually December, March, July and September or if there is a significant event i.e. change of plan / placement.

N.B. When updating the case summary it is not good enough just to add, rather it should reflect the 'here and now'.

3. What should be included in a Case Summary?

  • Pen Picture of the child / what life is like for the child i.e. what is their daily lived experience?
  • Child's status, who they reside with?
  • Reason for involvement;
  • Child's Plan;
  • Impact - what difference have we made in the child's life?
  • Contingency Plan;
  • Contact arrangement - who the child has contact?
  • Education status: Does the child attend school? Is there a PEP? Is the Virtual School involved with the child?