Guidance for Taxi/Transport Requests


This chapter was revised in December 2020.

Taxis should only be used to transport parents and their children in exceptional circumstances when no other alternative can be identified.
  • All requests for financial support towards taxi or transportation costs must include the following information;
    • Name of child(ren);
    • ICS identification number;
    • Dates of Birth;
    • Details of proposed journey - from which address and to where, frequency of journey, reason for journey, and what alternative methods have been considered, cost of journey;
    • Budget Code for specific team.
  • Requests for taxis must only be made in exceptional circumstances. Consideration needs to be given to alternative sources of transport;
  • The request will come from the social worker and will be approved by the Team Manager;
  • The request will be sent to and Business Support will contact the taxi company directly;
  • All Transport/taxi arrangements can be agreed for a maximum of one months at a time and must then be reviewed by the head of service.