Information Sharing

Virtual School Officers should have access to a secure email account that enables them to exchange information securely with other Virtual Schools if needed in whose area they have placed children.

Arrangements for sharing reliable data must be in place, particularly in relation to the tracking and monitoring of attainment data and notifications of where children, including those placed out-of-authority, are being educated, and must set out:

  • Who has access to what information and how the security of data will be ensured;
  • How children and parents are informed of, and allowed to challenge, information that is kept about them;
  • How carers contribute to and receive information;
  • Mechanisms for sharing information between relevant local authority departments and schools;
  • How relevant information about individual children is passed promptly between authorities, departments and schools when children move. Relevant information includes the PEP, which as part of the Child Looked After's educational record should be transferred with them to the new school.

Knowsley employees should follow information security guidelines and procedures using links below: