Practice Standards for Foster Carer Reviews and Timescale Flowchart

This chapter was added to the manual in December 2020.

Standard 1 - All SSW reports will be completed in a planned and timely manner

Planning for foster carer reviews will start two months prior to the scheduled review date. All the relevant paperwork and contributions will be provided to the foster carer two weeks prior to their review. This will provide sufficient time for them to read and respond and for the Fostering IRO to have time to raise any queries with the paperwork.

Standard 2 - There will be consultation with all relevant parties involved in the care of the child (ren) in placement during the review period

This will enable information to be triangulated and an evidence based recommendation reached as to whether the foster carers' terms of approval remain appropriate.

Standard 3 - All foster carer reviews will reflect the Voice of the Child and take this into account in decision making

Children's views about living with their fostering family will be obtained to inform the review. This includes both children in foster care and children of foster carers. This will enable us to have a sense of their daily lived experience and the standard of care that they are receiving. This will assist us to recognise areas of strength as well as those requiring improvement.

Standard 4 - All reports will evidence how foster carers have met the individual needs of children in placement

We will provide clear evidence and examples of the skills and knowledge that foster carers have utilised to meet the individual needs of children. We will ensure that reports are not using generalised or self-reported phrases. We will evidence how foster carers are maximising outcomes for children and supporting them to reach their potential.

Standard 5 - There will be clear evidence that foster carers have access to ongoing support and training

All foster carers will receive regular quality supervision to support them in their role. We will evidence compliance with the National Minimum Standards (2011) by ensuring that all our foster carer engage in appropriate training to support them in understanding and meeting the needs of children in their care. If this cannot be evidenced for any reason at the foster carer review we will present a clear plan of action of how this will be addressed and how any identified barriers to learning will be overcome. This will be done collaboratively with the Supervising Social worker and foster carer and will outline a clear training plan to ensure compliance with statutory requirements.

Standard 6 - Reports will conclude with an evidence based analysis

This will include reflection from the foster carers around both the challenges and the positives in the review period. It will acknowledge areas of good practice and identify an action plan to address any vulnerabilities. Information in the analysis and throughout the report will be underpinned by the National Minimum standards (2011) and will be linked to the plans and outcomes for children.

Appendix 1: Supplementary Information

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