Regulation 44 Visits


This procedure applies to children's homes managed by the borough.


Children's homes regulations amendments 2014


This chapter was updated in June 2015 in line with Children's Homes (England) Regulations 2015. This has changed the previously Regulation 33 visits as Regulation 44 – but with the same functions and requirements.
In keeping with Regulation 44 of the Children's Homes (England) Regulations 2015, Knowsley MBC will arrange for monthly visits to be undertaken of its children's homes.

The arrangements for these visits are that, each month, a nominated officer will visit each children's home.

This person must be managed outside the line management arrangements for children's homes in Knowsley.

The visits should usually be unannounced but can be announced if it is necessary to arrange to meet a particular person for example the registered manager.

The person undertaking these visits may undertake what checks and have access to what records they see fit and may focus on particular themes or issues but, as a minimum, the following must be undertaken:

  1. Meet and talk to children and a range of the staff of the home to ascertain their views, comments and any complaints about the running of the home;
  2. Read the Daily Log, records of Restraints, Incidents and Sanctions of the home and note trends and areas of good and unacceptable practice;
  3. Read the records of Comments and Complaints (including Child Protection Complaints) held by the manager, commenting on the frequency and type made and whether they appear to have been dealt with adequately;
  4. Check on the physical condition and decoration of the home.

The officer undertaking the visit will write a report, and they will accompany the nominated officer to each home on a quarterly basis. These reports will be forwarded to the responsible service manager within 10 days of the visit for information and appropriate action.

The report of the visit will include recommendations for change, together with proposed timescales. Copies of the report must be kept on site at the children's home for inspection purposes.